Pie evokes memories.

Like no other dessert, pie is less about a celebration of a point in time and more about family and the memories they create together. That’s a little about how this all began…

Chef Sean Jett met his wife while they were in college at Texas A&M (whoop!). They both worked late nights at a local College Station bar and one night, Erin made a comment about wanting a piece of pie. A couple of friends agreed that they should go out after work to eat. She assured them they could get more than pie. It was only 45 minutes into the drive that someone casually asked, “so where are we going again?” Anyone who knows College Station knows that there is no pie there and it doesn’t take 45 minutes to drive anywhere except on game day. A ninety mile road trip in the middle of the night landed the group at Erin’s favorite pie shop in Houston. (Houstonians, you know which one we are talking about!) The group made it back just in time for their 8am classes. Ahh, the frivolity of our youth…

Fast forward through jobs, children, career changes and masters degrees, the pie was always there. Sean became a chef, Erin never learned how to boil water without burning down a kitchen. Despite Sean staying in the mainstream of hot-side kitchens, everyone always asked him to make his desserts. Cheesecakes, pies, cookies, bread. They were always what everyone craved. It was always a given at family gatherings that Sean would bring the pies, and he was the keeper of the family cookbooks passed down from grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

We have always dreamed really big. The time felt right to finally take that big leap and open up our own little space to create beautiful pies for all of our friends and neighbors.


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